Our Data Entry Services Allow Clients to Efficiently Organize Their Business Records.

bData offers end-to-end data entry services across businesses, helping them streamline workflow and improve productivity. We provide reliable data entry solutions, online as well as offline, for all types of information whether it is textual, numeric or alpha-numeric.

Data capturing, conversion, processing and data entry methodologies used at bData are highly secure, we promise complete client data confidentiality.

Data Entry Services

Our Data Input Capabilities Can Be Used For:

1.                  Online Data Entry

2.                  Document Data Entry

3.                  Form Data Entry

4.                  Data Entry from Images

5.                  Data Entry in Excel

6.                  Insurance Claims Data Entry

7.                  Medical Data Entry

8.                  Survey Data Entry

9.                  Data Typing Services

10.              Web Data Entry

Our typists and data entry operators can accurately convert images, handwritten documents into digital format by keying data into MS Excel, Word, Access, or other client specified file formats.

Our Comprehensive Data Entry Capabilities Include:

1.                  Document Archiving

2.                  Data Capturing

3.                  Data Conversion

4.                  Data Typing / Data Entry

5.                  Data Cleansing

Our Data Entry Workflow:

Data Entry Workflow

Why bData?

1.                  We have experience and expertise of working across different industry verticals.

2.                  We deliver outstanding project outputs within the given time frames.

3.                  We can capture data manually as well as electronically using OCR, IMR and OMR technologies.

4.                  Our data entry specialists have fast typing speed and they follow the best practices, to deliver outstanding project outputs within the given time frames.

Our BPO services team has data entry specialists who can code and index documents as per client specification. A clean, error free and well formatted database, ensures an improved access to useful data.

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